My latest update

Dear All,

It”s been a while since my last post. and I’d like to inform you that everthing in my life was changing.

Today, I’m not in a relationship with the man in my previous post anymore. We broke up for something cliche. His family doesnt approve me as his girlfriend. And I just figure it out four days after my 24th birthday.

How rude he is to hide something like this? it means that everything I work on this one year is useless. everything I give to him and his family is not worth anything in our relationship. finally, with my aching heart, I decided to throw away my dream with him. yes. my dream. because now I know that he doesnt have that dream with me. I only have this feeling alone.

how sad.. I think in my birthday I could be more mature in life, also hoping to still be going strong in my love life. But God says no. I have to end it with cries. a lot of it.

and, you know what? after this devastating break ups, I started to know someone new. someone who can really turn my mind and makes me feel like I really loved. someone who is really trully adore me and willing to give his life for me. I have never met such a loving men like him. He’s ordinary, but very special for me. He had greater heartache with his previous relationship, so he really wants to end this game and be serious with our relationship now.

sometimes I wonder about what people might say. about me who run into one relationship to another. ahh, whatever. If people care about my life, it means they love me, right?

to be continued


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